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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why should I add my railroad related website to the TrainWeb RAILRing?

    RAILring.com is founded by TrainWeb, the largest & most visited railroad website in the world with over 60 million page views a year. Visitors to TrainWeb are interested in rail travel, model railroading, railfanning, collectibles, railroad history, rail advocacy, the rail industry and many other aspects or railroads. This makes TrainWeb the busiest railroad related website on the internet!

    Most visitors return to TrainWeb time and again to visit the tens of thousands of pages of rail information and photographs. The RAILring is heavily promoted at TrainWeb and a large number of visitors to the TrainWeb site explore the websites in the TrainWeb RAILring. Thus, we can drive a good number of visitors to your website that are interested in railroads!

  • Why another railroad WebRing? Aren't there already enough?

    TrainWeb is not a part-time hobby but is rather a full-time business. Because of our full-time effort to promote TrainWeb and the RAILring, we are able to attract a great number of visitors into our RAILring. In addition to the promotion that we do of the RAILring throughout the TrainWeb community of hosted websites (over 400 websites and growing!), we also run large display ads that promote the RAILring in more than three dozen rail related magazines! Thus, by having created our own RAILring, we believe we can bring more exposure to your website than can be provided by any of the other rail related rings.

  • Do I have the most current copy of the HTML code that I need to paste to my main web page?

    The last change to the TrainWeb RAILring HTML code was made on Friday, September 15, 2000 at 5pm Pacific Time. If you obtained your HTML code for the TrainWeb RAILring prior to that date and time, then you must re-register your website. Click here to register or re-register your website. Please note that your website will not appear in the TrainWeb RAILring if you do not obtain the new HTML code. This is a sample of how the TrainWeb RAILring will appear on your site:

    Click Here!

    DO NOT attempt to paste the HTML code from the source code of this page to your website! Once you have submitted your site to the TrainWeb RAILring, you will be given unique HTML code for your site along with a login ID and password.

  • Do I have to paste the HTML code exactly as it is given to me or can I make minor coding changes to it?

    You have to paste the HTML code EXACTLY as it is given to you. It is nearly impossible to manually periodically check to make sure that every site in the ring has properly pasted the HTML code and that an error has not been made by a webmaster in customizing the HTML code. Such errors can cause the RAILring to malfunction and harm all the members of the ring. Instead, we use a script to automatically check the websites of all the members in the ring. The script can only determine whether or not the HTML code in your website matches what we gave to you. The script will regard any change to this original HTML code as an error and will automatically remove your site from the RAILring. Using such a script is the only way we can ensure that the ring will function without error and continue to drive visitors to all members of the ring. Thus, please paste the HTML code into your main webpage exactly as it is provided to you.

  • Does the HTML code have to be on the main page of my website, or can it be placed on a different webpage such as one that I have set up just for rings?

    The HTML code for the TrainWeb RAILring must be placed on the main page of your website. All of the other members of the ring have the TrainWeb RAILring on their main page. TrainWeb itself has the RAILring on its main page and on a number of other key pages of the TrainWeb site. This top level exposure will direct a tremendous number of visitors into the RAILring and will drive a number of these visitors to your website. It is only fair that you provide the same top level exposure to the RAILring that is being provided by the other members of the ring. The entire purpose of the ring is so that a visitor to the website of any ring member can easily find the ring and be directed to other members of the ring. Not placing the RAILring on your main page makes it more difficult to locate the ring. When someone comes to your website from the ring, it also makes it difficult for them to move on to the next site in the ring if the RAILring is not on your main page.

  • Does the HTML code need to be placed in any particular part of my main page?

    NO, you can place it anywhere that you like on your main page. You can place it at the very bottom of the page if that is where you wish to place it. We only ask that you place it somewhere that is easy to find on your main page. If you use a complex set of frames on your main page, please don't make a visitor to your website have to hunt to figure out where in which frame the RAILring is hidden!

  • If I don't like displaying the TrainWeb Sponsor banners on my website, can I leave out that part of the HTML code?

    If you left that part of the HTML code fragement out, the script that checks to make sure that your RAILring code is working correctly would consider your code to be broken and would remove your website from the ring. Before you get upset about displaying the banners of the TrainWeb Sponsors, please read the rest of our answer.

    The operation of TrainWeb relies on funding from our sponsors. We would not be able to provide this free RAILring, nor be able to host for free the websites of hundreds of non-commercial rail organizations and rail enthusiasts, nor be able to promote the RAILring on all those sites and promote the RAILring in over two dozen rail magazines without the support of the TrainWeb Sponsors! TrainWeb.com would also not be able to provide all the information, features, news and photographs without the financial support of our sponsors.

    All of our sponsors provide products or services of interest to the rail community. Our responsibility to these sponsors and our interest in promoting the RAILring is to provide as much exposure to these sponsors as possible through the TrainWeb RAILring. The clickable banner ads of our sponsors appear on almost every page in ad rotation throughout TrainWeb and the hundreds of other rail websites hosted free at TrainWeb. The RAILring is one more way in which we can provide exposure for our rail related sponsors on rail related websites, even on those websites that are not hosted on a TrainWeb server.

    By participating in the TrainWeb RAILring, many visitors interested in railroads will discover your site that did not know that your site existed. This promotion and exposure of your website through the TrainWeb RAILring is only made possible through the support of the TrainWeb Sponsors. In return, they deserve your support and patronage. Thus, TrainWeb appreciates your participation in the RAILring and your cooperation in providing exposure to our sponsors through the TrainWeb RAILring HTML code pasted into your main page.

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